About us

We give you safety!

We are professionals. The objective of EuroBond International Ltd. is to introduce on the European market and increase the recognition of surety insurance that is alternative of bank guarantees.

Our clients

Our clients are the largest market leading companies in their own particular business sector. We provide them with a flexible and complex service. Interested in guarantees? We can help you in both the national and international fields!

International presence

With permission no. H-EN-II-153/2014 of the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, our service is available throughout the European Union.

International partnership

The largest worldwide known European and U.S. surety insurance companies, which have a prominent financial and professional background, are recognised as our business partners as well as the local insurance companies. These business relations and capacities allow us to provide such services where there are significant value bonds or guarantees to be issued, or special type of risks to be undertaken.